I am sitting here trying to find my voice around 2022.

I think 2022 really solidified for me the unique health care that Stillpoint Osteopaths provides for our patient base. The last 3 years have impacted everyone differently and has asked us as practitioners to really hunker down and dig deep to find the resources and skill set to match your needs.

I realise what a safety net osteopaths provide for the health care system at a time when it is incredibly overloaded. Due to the extra time we spend with our patients we at times catch the things that other health care providers miss.

Our practitioners see you. We see you as part of a bigger picture, we see your connections to your family, your community and to the environment itself. When we consider your health care needs or when we ask you how you are today, we are listening. We hear that your knee is sore, but we also see your agitation or inability to rest internally, your unease with your environment, and we genuinely connect with you.

I am grateful that osteopathy and OCF (Osteopathy in the Cranial Field) allows us to connect on a deeper level. It allows us to balance your body and help you connect to all its parts; body, mind, and spirit, which in turn can make that little shift that allows you to reconnect with yourself, breathe deeply and find some comfort beyond that of your physical ailment.

In 2022 our patients not only needed it but wanted it and asked for it because it’s been 3 years of challenges.
All different challenges, but challenges nonetheless. We saw you, heard you, and held the space for you so you could forge forward with your health goals.
I am so very grateful for my team who continued to show up for you all everyday and continue to develop themselves as amazing health practitioners and amazing support staff who prioritise you and your health experience.

Our team wishes you a lovely Christmas, and amazing summer season, and quality time with whomever brings you joy. We look forward to seeing your faces in the new year.

-Pili Munoz

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