Do you struggle to fall asleep? Do you struggle to stay asleep or get good quality of sleep?

Sleep is so incredibly important to health. Long term sleep issues may impact your memory, your ability to regulate your emotions as well as your performance at work. Poor sleep also increases your risk of anxiety, depression, injuries and accidents and cardiovascular disease just to list a few. So, it’s important to not ignore sleep difficulties.

In some cases, sleep issues are a result of poor sleep hygiene which means factors that you do during the day impact how you sleep at night. That can be from using coffee to keep yourself alert to using alcohol to help you wind down, lack of sunlight and exercise and irregular bedtimes and wake times impacting your circadian rhythms i.e. your body clock.

In these cases, improving sleep hygiene patterns can be useful. However, sleep issues can be more complex and at times requires a full evaluation to get to the bottom of what is happening for you, and this is where Stillpoint Osteopaths and team can play a role.

  1. Pain,
  2. Poor breathing mechanics,
  3. Apnoea,
  4. Mouth breathing,
  5. Allergies:  pollens etc
  6. stress and anxiety.
  7. High Cortisol levels

These are just a few causes of sleep issues, but each requires a different management approach to help you achieve results.

Stillpoint osteopaths and team can examine your sleep issues and work out how to best start you on your journey to improving your sleep for long term results.

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