Statistics suggest that one third of New Zealanders do not get enough sleep. There are numerous factors that might influence sleep, whether it is having difficulties falling or remaining asleep. Other contributing factors may include stress, anxiety and sleep disorders that may impact the quality and quantity of sleep. The QRS Pulsed Electromagnetic field (PEMF) system is a low-intensity, non-invasive approach that may improve your sleep by providing a distinctive frequency program that works to assist the body to relax and prepare for sleep. The PEMF system’s unique settings help to stimulate the brain waves essential for healthy sleep.

The PEMF session involves lying on the QRS full body mat for 16-30 minutes. During the session, you might feel some warmth, tingling or nothing (all of which are common experiences).

The PEMF sleep protocol sessions range from 16-30 minutes. The duration of the session is determined by your age, medical history, medication, if you have had a previous PEMF session, and if you are a new patient or returning patient to Stillpoint Osteopaths.

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