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Our Therapies

Our multidisciplinary team prioritises you, from when you step through our doors and throughout your health care journey. We meet your individual and family health needs: physically, emotionally and spiritually, developing a genuine connection that you can trust. Providing you with the best of care by regularly collaborating and sharing knowledge and experience.

Our aim is to keep all our patients well during your visit to the practice. If you are exhibiting any cold or flu like symptoms, please call the clinic before attending your appointment.

What you experience at stillpoint osteopaths

unique experience at stillpointt


Osteopathy in the Cranial field (Cranial Osteopathy) is a treatment with a difference that holds the potential for deep whole body changes. It acknowledges the relationship between your body structure and its inner function. Unique, in that this treatment approach can gently hold the space to encourage your body to unravel new or old trauma patterns by promoting its self correcting abilities. We work with the smaller more subtle movements of your body to help restore balance, increase movement at your joints and assist in reducing pain levels.


We listen to your health care concerns and needs. We take the time to define your goals and collaborate with you and your other health care professionals to develop a thorough care plan. As Stillpoint practitioners we work as a team and collaborate to get the best outcomes for our patients with regular meetings and mentoring plans.


We pride ourselves in being very thorough in taking your medical history, our examinations and our continual communication with you. We work towards identifying where possible, the cause of your current condition so we best understand how to assist in improving your function and health. Old injuries, past illnesses and emotional experiences can create layers of patterns through your body. Our skilled practitioners understand these influences and with osteopathy manage you as a whole person.