2022 saw us have some new additions to the team and there are plans a foot to continue this growth in 2023. The aim is to create a health hub with highly skilled practitioners in their fields that you can trust and depend upon.

Rain our Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner joined us in July 2022. Rain has now registered as an osteopath and will be able to offer their combined TCM and Osteopathic approach as of January 2023.

Rain has quickly demonstrated themselves to be highly skilled and sought after by our patients. Rain has had 14 years’ experience in the use of acupuncture, Tuina massage, cupping and Gua Sha. Rain has a particular interest in musculoskeletal injuries such as frozen shoulders (adhesive capsulitis), range of motion recovery after fracture healing, intervertebral disc injuries, acute lower back and neck injuries and chronic pain management. They also have expertise in fertility and women’s health.

We have found that in certain conditions combining osteopathy and acupuncture is increasing patients rate of recovery. Rain offers a range of treatment options if acupuncture is not your cup of tea and achieves great results.

We have Nellie Pigot who is a Wholistic Nutritionist. Nellie is the lady to chat to when you need some great advice regarding your diet or helping you manage certain conditions. It may be high blood pressure, cholesterol imbalances, perimenopausal symptoms, endometriosis, difficulties with weight to name a few. Nellie can get you started on a management plan. Nellie will work in conjunction with your current medical care providing you with dietary advice, suggested supplements where appropriate, she may refer you for functional medicine testing when appropriate to understand your health picture further.

Nellie currently resides in England and works via telehealth. You can make yourself comfortable at home and video connect with her. She will take the time to make you feel comfortable. These are usually after work hour slots which tends to be perfect for our busy patients.

As for the rest of us we are working on our continued professional development in certain areas. The clinic practitioners would like to become more trauma informed to better assist our patients. We are also looking to enhance our knowledge and skills in woman’s health in pelvic health and pre- and post-natal issues and men’s pelvic health. These are issues that we have always worked with, and we are finding more demand from our patient base for osteopathic support in these areas. We wish to strengthen this knowledge for the team so that you as a patient feel comfortable interchanging your care between practitioners.

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