Telehealth Consultations, What are they?

Stillpoint Osteopaths have decided to become creative during the lock down period.

Osteopathy is much more than just hands-on treatment.

As you know, osteopaths take the time to take an extensive case history, listen to your health concerns whether physical, emotional, nutritional or environmental. We try to get the full picture of what is concerning you and how it might have come about.

Telehealth consultations use video conferencing as a medium to be able to discuss your health concerns from the comfort of your own home. It allows us to run through a history and a guided physical examination where we will ask you to perform certain movements that helps us understand how your body moves and where it doesn’t. We might ask you to take your temperature, press in certain areas and to explain to us what and where you feel things.

Osteopaths can put together the information gathered from your history and examination. With the information available your osteopath can make a diagnosis and explain their findings with you. It will allow us to know whether we need to refer you to a different practitioner your GP, homeopath nutritionist just like we would in a clinical setting face to face. If osteopathic care is appropriate, a management plan can be developed with your osteopath to reach your health goals.

Together we can work through some guided self-treatment options that you can do at home. Stillpoint osteopaths have a deep understanding of body function and can creatively work with you to improve function. Your osteopath will also provide you with stretches, strengthening work, lifestyle and nutritional advice where appropriate. A great way to reach your goals from your own home.

Pili talks about Telehealth on our Facebook page, or you can call or email the clinic to find out more.

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