How Can Our Team Health Professionals Help You?

Our osteopaths:

Can assess the jaw and all the areas of your body that might be contributing to the root cause of your pain. They can help increase range of motion in the necessary joints, reduce tension in muscles, improve the ligament tone in the jaw area. They can advise appropriate exercises for your jaw and tongue specific to your presentation. It might be strengthening or stretching or a combination of both.

They have the expertise to refer you when necessary for further investigations or work with your current team helping you with this issue.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner:

May use acupressure or acupuncture to help reduce your stress or assist in balancing the energy meridians of your body that can impact your jaw. Tiuna massage where appropriate might be needed to reduce tension, increase muscle pliability, and normalise blood stagnation.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

May be used to reduce stress levels, reduce inflammation, and help with your pain.

Functional Movement Coach:

Can provide you with specific advice to help correct your posture in standing, at your desk and when using your phone. Can instruct you one on one with specific exercises to help stabilise and strengthen joints, teach you short but effective meditation practices and breathing exercises if appropriate.


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