Nutrition and Emotional Wellbeing

What we feed our body is very important. It is the fuel that gives us the get up and go to work through the day. So how our stomach and intestines function then impacts what we absorb from our food and this impacts how our nervous system works and guess what, our mood.

Not suggesting that one thing in isolation make us experience depression or anxiety but taking care to have good nutrition and dealing with the health of our digestive tract can help how we manage our mood and is involved in self-love and self-care. 

Easy example we eat something sugary our blood sugar increases then we get a lift in energy, motivation and mood, however the blood sugar drops very quickly. With the rapid drop we have a sudden drop in energy and for some people a sense of exhaustion and feeling like they could just fall asleep. However, sugar is not the only thing that needs consideration. Good nutrition is important for balancing our moods and energy levels. How our intestines and stomach move the food through is important and osteopaths are all about good movement. How do osteopaths help that? Well lucky for us the bowel has some great connections to the bones of our body and when we use them as our entry point to work with the body sometimes people can experience positive changes in their bowel function.

Osteopaths take the time to talk about goals for helping you eat better. Sometimes small changes can make big differences. If further help is needed your osteopath may refer you to relevant practitioners for further tests that can help you determine the health and state of your gut. Nutritionists, integrated medical practitioners can start to support you in this process. You may want to check out this link. This may be the key improving your self care.

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