Children’s Emotional Health

At Stillpoint we feel privileged to be entrusted with the health care of your children. Osteopathy helps correct their body mechanics to allow them to grow with less stresses and strains. Can osteopathy also help their developing emotional wellbeing?

Children can experience stressful situations, changing schools, being bullied, being dropped by a significant friend, parent separations, struggling to achieve grades just to name a few. How do we develop their confidence to ride these changes like a wave rather than being dumped when things occur? How do we nurture resilience and adaptability in children?

Feelings of not being good enough may creep in, being isolated can be detrimental to their developing sense of self, confidence and their resilience. They don’t say I am stressed. They wet the bed, grind their teeth, struggle to sleep and to eat, develop behavioural issues, have nightmares lots of signs that are hard to ignore.

It is common for parents to share their concerns with us and we often enter a journey with the family. When we treat, osteopaths are aware of the family unit, we are not treating the child in isolation they are connected mind, body and spirit with their family and so when starting the process of working with children we must balance that delicate dynamic with great care.

Osteopathy has the added benefit of balancing your child’s body in a relaxed and gentle manner. Correcting their body mechanics helps then to feel grounded in themselves and more centred. When they are in this state, anxiety starts to reduce, they talk more, and behaviour may start to have a platform to shift.

Last year I attended a couple of courses by Adrienne Wood from Heartsync. She is an educator and parent consultant. She has training through the Neufeld institute, and helps parents to better understand youth from an attachment based developmental perspective. The Neufeld work that she discussed really resonated with me and the osteopathic work that we do at Stillpoint Osteopaths. Below is a link to her site, she has courses on aggression, anxiety, bullies and more and provides courses and one on one work with parents. I often recommend Heartsync to parents in need of support in these areas.

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