Stillpoint Osteopaths COVID-19 Protocols

To all our patients we would like to extend in advance our gratitude to you for working with us to keep all our patients and workers safe. We want to offer you the best possible service and osteopathic care during this event. Please read further to see how osteopathy can help you during the cold and flu season.

We take your health and safety seriously. We do have patients that are immunosuppressed or have health histories that would make being exposed to COVID19 a threat to them. We want everyone to access their care safely.

What are we doing to promote a safe environment for you?

1. We are checking patients when they ring to make an appointment to make sure they are well and can attend their appointment.

2. On arrival we are asking patients a series of questions as advised by the Ministry of health before allowing patients to attend their appointment.

3. We are asking patients to use the hand sanitiser provided before entering the reception area.

3. Rooms, handles, toilets, door jams, taps, chairs, pens, desks are being regularly wiped with medical grade wipes throughout the day.

4. Practitioners will be using hand sanitiser and hand washing between each patient.

5. Bedding is removed if anyone presents unwell in the rooms and is regularly laundered.

6. We will be refraining from hand shaking. As much as we love your appreciative hugs maybe we can implement a virtual high five or a good old eye wink instead, until we are advised otherwise.

How can you help us?

1. Please if you are unwell call reception before turning up for your appointment.

2. If you have a high fever, cough, chest pain, shortness of breath or body aches please call Ashleigh and Keyne and they will reschedule your appointment. We will look after you once you are well again.

3. If you have been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID19 please reschedule your appointments, contact Healthline and self-isolate.

4. Bring your own water bottle. We have removed the water station to reduce potential of spread.

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