Newborn Health

I often feel incredibly privileged as an Osteopath when I get the opportunity to place my hands on a newborn infant and share their family’s story.

Parents present to us at Stillpoint Osteopaths with a myriad of different issues that they are working through with their wee new additions. Ranging from constant crying, constipation, spilling, and colic, to breastfeeding, head shape, and mobility issues.

What parents don’t expect is the in-depth history and considered examination that they embark on with their chosen Osteopath. Or the respect with which our Osteopaths approach the delicate developing bond and family relationships when a new born enters the fold.

Babies have their newborn paediatric check and regular checks with the midwife. However, your Osteopath looks a little further into how their bodies are moving adapting and growing. Are they able to move their head well, can they twist through their torso? Do they have any loss of motion anywhere? More importantly if they do, is it impacting their level of comfort or their ability to be content, bond, feed, sleep and reach their milestones?

Our Osteopaths give your child and family the time needed to thoroughly discuss and hear your concerns. We embrace your family relationships. They are trained to examine your baby and offer gentle supportive treatment to ease your baby to comfort.

With osteopathy we hope that every child has the opportunity to experience good health and grow to fulfil their greatest potential.

– Pili Munoz, Principal Osteopath at Stillpoint Osteopaths

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