This is a time when we should be pulling together as families, work families and communities. New Zealanders are always the first to help others, to get behind our people and achieve what is needed when the occasions arise.

I want to acknowledge everyone who is taking the advice of the Ministry of Health and taking care of your community. This is not a flu like all other flus. This is a pandemic which already makes it different to other flus. Meaning it is widespread throughout the world.

I would like to thank you for thinking of others in your day to day activity. The grandparent who helps their grandchildren, the immunosuppressed child with a kidney transplant, the father with heart disease, the mother with lung disease, the sister with Rheumatoid arthritis who supports the whole family financially. You will make a difference to them.

You are helping to minimise a sudden rapid increase in spread of COVID 19. By washing your hands, staying at home when your sick, using the offered hand sanitiser, self-isolating when necessary, and avoiding large gatherings, you are making a difference to the rate of spread and rise of cases in NZ. You are helping your neighbour. Your helping our health system so that it doesn’t become overloaded and stretched. Your community small businesses so that they don’t have to close their doors. Thank you.

Get to know your neighbour. What will happen if they have no family support and need to self-isolate. Do they have your contact details? Could you leave a food parcel or shopping at their door if they need it? Thinking about your plan if things do happen to affect you or your family. How will you manage? Who will you call? What help will you or your family members need? Be proactive. Stay healthy and be good humans.

-Pili Munoz, Senior Osteopath
Stillpoint Osteopaths

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