Why See an Osteopath for Whiplash Associated Disorder?

Osteopathy may be your therapy of choice, once you have been cleared from any major issues by your GP or a medical facility. In the initial days after the injury pain levels may be high, swelling might be present and you will instinctively try to not move your neck.

Osteopathy in the cranial field (OCF) is gentle, involves minimal movement or exaggeration of your pain. In our experience the earlier you can get some reduction in your pain levels and improved range of motion in the joints of your neck, the sooner you will feel willing to engage in exercises that will help stabilise the injured ligaments and tissues.

Your osteopath can clearly explain how to perform these exercises and with treatment may help reduce pain levels and restore some range of motion to your neck region. There are many factors that can be involved in why an individual develops chronic pain after a whiplash type injury. Restoring function, keeping the neck area moving may reduce the risk of this occurring.

The other benefit of seeing an osteopath is that they look at your body as a whole. They won’t ignore the fact that your midback and lower back also don’t feel right. They will look at how the car accident has impacted your whole body and discuss a management plan that addresses all these aspects.

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