Pain Management

At Stillpoint Osteopathic centre we are committed to helping those living with pain, whether acute from a recent trauma or accident; or chronic due to poor posture or injury.

How can cranial osteopathy help with pain?

Your osteopath will identify, treat and try to ascertain what made your body vulnerable in the first place (e.g. previous trauma, car accident, previous fracture).

Back Pain

Back pain is very common in New Zealand affecting up to 80% of the population. Your osteopath understands how debilitating back pain can be and has experience with treating acute and chronic back pain.


This is a radiating pain caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve (in the lower back), which can run from the lower back down the back of one or both legs. Tingling, numbness, or weakness can also be symptoms of sciatica.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is often a result of poor posture, a pinched nerve or issues from a neck injury.