Farewell Ricard Canavate

Farewell Ricard!

Our wonderful osteopath, Ricard Canavate is off to do some more travelling.

Ricard has been with us since 2018. He came in with incredible passion for osteopathy and a strong drive to learn osteopathy in the cranial field (OCF) as practiced at Stillpoint Osteopaths. We will miss his humour and great intensity for his work and wish him the best for his travels.

His last day of work is 27th of March 2020. If you have an appointment before then, Ricard will discuss transferring you to the best osteopath for you and your needs.

In his own words:

“Hi everyone,

I am leaving New Zealand and Stillpoint and I wanted to share a few words.

I want to reach out to all the people that I have had the pleasure of coming across during my time at Stillpoint, and who have made my experience what it was, as I had a great time. During this time I have become a better osteopath and grown as a person, so thank you so much!

I also wanted to further give thanks to every patient and their families who have come along into the treatment room; all of you have been my biggest teachers. So, thanks for sharing your time with mine, and allowed me to work in collaboration with your body’s self-correcting mechanism.

I have left specific referrals for which practitioner I believe each of you would benefit from seeing, but really, anyone in this clinic would have as good base as I have, and in each practitioner’s individual way, will produce the good results that we had together.

I wish you all the best, and I know in my heart that the change of practitioner will help you gain the same, if not better, outcomes than with me.

Warmest regards,

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