Triggers For Headaches

If you have had your headaches for a long time. I suspect that you will know what your triggers are.

What is a trigger? It is an aggravating factor or something that you know will set off your headaches. Your GP or other health professional may have at times asked you to keep a headache diary. It helps you to identify patterns and figure out the triggers. Once you have done this, I suggest that continuing to keep a headache diary is best let go as focusing continuously on the issue can at times make us think about our headaches too frequently and not move forward.

For some people it can be different types of food and drink: alcohol in general or red wine specifically, chocolate, cheese just to name a few. It could be tannins or sulphates found in dried fruits, or nitrates or preservatives found in deli meats or sausages etc.

It could be certain activities: cycling may cause headaches to come on after long rides, or after repetitive neck movements, or sitting at your workstation all day.

Lack of sleep can be a trigger for some. Anxiety, exhaustion and stress. Grinding teeth and muscle tension.

Dehydration or lack of regular meals can also set off headaches.

Hormonal Patterns: Some females find that there is a direct link to certain times during their menstrual cycle or the headaches started at the onset of menses or menopause.

Visual Triggers: flashing light, too much computer use.

Your osteopath, in helping you to identify your triggers, can also help you develop a self-care plan both to assist prevention and management of your headaches when present.

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