Rain Zhao is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner and qualified osteopath. TCM in addition to osteopathy can provide a way of addressing some of your nasal issues. Rain is passionate about TCM and osteopathy and believes in approaching the body as a whole to address ongoing health complaints.

Bizhi is the term (in TCM) that refers to symptoms such as chronic nasal conditions, nasal congestion, and loss of smell. Sinusitis and rhinitis fall under this term. Constant sinus infections and or congestion can result in an inability to breath through our nose for long periods and consequently we can become mouth breathers.

Recurrent sinus congestion can be due to what in TCM is referred to as deficiency of righteous qi. The results of this being having insufficient strength to expel pathogens (bacteria, viruses etc). The root cause of this could be a deficiency of the qi of the lungs, spleen, or kidneys.

Rain will take a medical history, check your tongue, and palpate your pulses of your wrist to assess the function of the lungs, spleen, and kidneys among other areas. They will also do an osteopathic physical examination of the joints of your neck, chest, head, and face area to assess their function.

Rain will then discuss the best course of action for you. This may include some acupuncture (or acupressure), prescription of Chinese herbs, osteopathic approaches, or a combination. Rain’s therapeutic options are considered, gentle and may have positive influences on your breathing.

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