Car Accidents - What's the Impact?

ACC receives about 40,000 new injury claims a year from motor vehicle crashes in New Zealand. We have hundreds of fatalities per year and many seriously injured.

Car accidents happen at different speeds, involving different sized vehicles, and your location in the car as well as its safety features all play a role in what happens to you during a collision. Significant impacts find some people struggling to rehabilitate themselves back to full function.

Osteopaths will discuss your trauma history with you. Car accidents can leave people with ongoing restrictions and problems, so it is important information to gather. It may help you and your osteopath understand why your body is expressing certain symptoms at this present time. You may not have known you had a problem at the time of the car accident, or you generally recovered well enough to not seek treatment or no one suggested treatment to you at the time.

Osteopathy can play a major supportive role in your recovery from motor vehicle accidents. Osteopathy can also be useful in working through old injury patterns that continue to plague you because of forces such as those endured during a car accident.  It could be an ongoing stiff neck or difficulty turning your head to back the car out or a lower back that is constantly being triggered by minor events.

Your physical and emotional trauma history are relevant and important information for restoring your body balance and health.

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