Breathing Mechanics

When we have issues such as anxiety and heightened fears this can impact how we breathe. Osteopaths have been trained to assess how you breath. Your ribs, the spine, the muscles in your neck, your diaphragm and even your pelvic floor are all involved in breathing!

Good news – osteopaths work with these structures to balance and correct their function. This at times can help how you breathe. Being able to breathe better reduces feelings of anxiety and allows you to sleep better. Sleeping better reduces anxiety further and this provides energy and resilience for your day.Osteopaths sometimes will ask you to practice some easy breathing exercises, exercises which help boost a part of your nervous system called parasympathetics. Parasympathetics is the part of your nervous system that dials everything down. Dialing everything down makes you calmer.To check an effective breathing technique for stress, have a look at this link.

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