X – Our Approach

At Stillpoint we are dedicated to providing the best individual osteopathic healthcare available. Our goal is to optimize the health, independence, and comfort of our patients and their families. We believe a holistic approach to healthcare is key to a healthy life.

We take our time to listen and get to know our patients in order to provide treatment that best suits their individual needs. Please contact us if you or your loved ones need medical advice or care.

At Stillpoint Osteopaths we:

  • Treat the whole person not just the presenting symptoms. We take the time to get to know you by taking a full history and health assessment, including information about lifestyle, diet, emotional status and any past accidents or injuries.
  • May carry out any necessary physical examinations such as performing simple movements to determine any problem areas.
  • Develop a comprehensive treatment plan for the management of symptoms, recovery, achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellbeing.