What We Treat

We treat a wide and varied range of conditions at Stillpoint. Listed below are some examples of conditions that can benefit from osteopathic treatment:

Common Reasons For Treatment:
Maintenance of health
Back and neck problems
Intervertebral disc injuries
Joint pain, knees & hips etc
Traumatic injuries, sporting accidents, etc
Repetitive strain injuries (RSI)
Chronic pain
Babies/Childhood Issues:
Birth trauma, flat shaped heads.
Colic, constant crying
Spilling/ reflux
Sucking difficulties/breastfeeding
Glue ear
Blocked tear ducts, sticky eyes
Learning difficulties
Developmental delays
ADHD, Autism
Fertility & Pregnancy:
Fertility for both men and women
Difficulties conceiving
Back, hip, groin pain
Difficulty breathing
Preparing the body for labour
General Health Concerns:
Recurrent respiratory infections
Sinus congestion
Recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI’s)
Period pains