Acute vs Chronic Whiplash Associated Disorder

Of those who develop whiplash associated disorder (WAD) for some, recovery can be prolonged. The majority recover relatively well over a 6-8-week period. 50% however do not fully recover and up to 30% are left with some form of disability and 20-40 % are classified as chronic Whiplash association disorder (WAD).

There are some known factors that can make it more likely for an individual to develop long term pain and discomfort after whiplash. In very simple terms one expects after 3 months that in most cases the tissue damage would have repaired itself, but for some the pain continues. This doesn’t negate the fact that other factors can be involved. Repaired damaged tissue like muscles may not be functioning in the same way as they did prior to the accident. There is also some evidence to show that the pain pathways can be affected. So, this indicates that it is not just about the tissue injury, but that nervous system function can also be altered.

This doesn’t mean that patients with chronic whiplash disorder cannot achieve changes or improvement with osteopathic care. To the contrary, osteopathic care of Chronic Whiplash Association disorder due to its wholistic approach may offer you some ability to progress in your function and pain levels.

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