Holistic Nutrition

What is Holistic Nutrition?
Holistic Nutrition begins with the bare basics and provides you with the building blocks for your long term good health and vitality.  A holistic medicine approach focuses on how the physical, mental, environmental, emotional and spiritual elements of a person are interconnected.

Working closely together, the practitioner and client focus on diet and lifestyle 
choices to strive for a state of balance and well-being, with an emphasis on personal responsibility and cooperation.

What conditions does Nellie treat?
Nellie treats a large range of different conditions. Her area of speciality are:

Auto-immune and immune conditions with a particular interest in the thyroid.
Mood issues
Digestive issues
Hormonal health
Food intolerances/allergies

What does a consultation involve?
Consultations with Nellie involve 3 steps:
At the initial consultation of 75 minutes, Nellie takes a thorough case history. From that information, she will be able to recommend a plan depending on your needs,  advising on dietary and lifestyle recommendations which may include nutritional supplements, herbs and specialist laboratory testing.

A 60 minute follow up is recommended 4 – 6 weeks later to support you through changes, discuss anything new that needs to be managed and adjust the plan accordingly.

A 30 minute maintenance consult helps keep on top of anything new that crops up and to fine tune the plan over an extended period of time. Nellie utilises some functional medicine tests such as the hormonal DUTCH test, the Organic Acids test and the Complete Microbiome Mapping test for more specific diagnosis. She will also refer to her preferred Holistic GP’s for specific blood tests or investigation if she thinks necessary.